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Sixers Reportedly Acquire Nik Stauskas And Picks In Salary Dump Trade With Kings

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Stauskas?! STAUSKAS!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

You know how the Sixers have salary cap flexibility and could use that to acquire players on salary dumps? Well - the Sixers just used a whole lot of it to get a prospect they were long-rumored to have coveted, and is option number 6 on our post here. The Sixers acquired Nik Stauskas at a hefty (on the surface) cost. Via Adrian Wojnarowski:

No word on the international player as of yet. Jason Thompson and Carl Landry combine for about $13 million in salary for the upcoming season and play as bigs, which makes you wonder if either will be around for long. Thompson is a Camden native.

Stauskas struggled in his rookie season for a dysfunctional Kings team but was the eighth overall pick in a deep draft (though, admittedly, that was higher than most projections. We'll have more on this soon, but let's welcome Sauce Castillo to Philly.


There might be more to the deal.

UPDATE 2: Good Lord What Has Hinkie Done