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LB Community Big Board: Kristaps at Seven

Kristaps Porzingis took the No. 7 spot running away. Can Stanley Johnson stake his claim at No. 8?

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Kristaps Porzingis, the 7-foot-1-and-counting lanky Latvian, took the cake at no. 7 with 63 percent of the vote. Zinger that's a thing, by the way) takes a lot of flack for his bust potential, which seems to almost exclusively take root in either his wiry frame and Euro-bust sounding name. He possesses a unique set of skills that could place him at the forefront of Taken 4: Smuggled in Sevilla just as easily as they rehash the ghosts of Nikoloz Tzkitishvili in your closet.

Danny Chau kicked off a three-part video series at Grantland with an awesome write-up on 'Staps. Ignoring it is treason.

There's a Pro-Zingis tirade in my future, but in the mean time, Mike said it best: He has some strengths and he has some weaknesses, but all things considered, he'd definitely have more support if his name weren't Kristaps Porzingis.

The favorite to land at No. 8 is Arizona's own grown-ass-man Stanley Johnson, who ate the Latvian dust yesterday. StanJohn finished in second place with 24 percent of the vote. I suspect Willie Trill Cauley-Stein and Myles Turner could have a fighting chance here too.

Kevon Looney's also joined the race. I fully expect his popularity to linger around the level of Devin "I Don't Understand How the Hell I Ended Up in Top-Ten Consideration" Booker. Feel free to scream at me in the comments about why I'm a horrible person for being clueless as to how Booker ended up in this conversation.

1. Karl-Anthony TownsKentucky Wildcats
2. D'Angelo Russell - Ohio State Buckeyes
3. Jahlil OkaforDuke Blue Devils
4. Mario Hezonja - Barcelona (Spanish ACB)
5. Emmanuel Mudiay - Guangdong (CBA)
6. Justise Winslow - Duke Blue Devils
7. Kristaps Porzingis - Baloncesto Sevilla        
8. ???

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