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Malik Rose Will Return To Sixers Broadcasts In 2015-16 Season

Reports indicated that he may have been contemplating an offer to coach in the NCAA.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

The NBA's best local broadcasting crew, bar none, should be returning in full for the 2015-16 season:

A report from Adrian Wojnarowski indicated that Malik Rose was offered a coaching position at the University of Alabama under new head coach, former broadcaster for ESPN, NBA head coach and teammate of Malik Rose, Avery Johnson. Rose, through the tweet above, announced that he turned the job down.

Marc Zumoff, Malik Rose, and Molly Sullivan began broadcasting 76ers games together in 2012 and over time have evolved into, in my opinion, the best broadcasting team that a Philadelphia sports team has ever had. The 3 M's have made Sixers basketball during one of the losing-est periods in team history more than just watchable. The crew clearly does their homework and over time have developed great chemistry and cover the team in such a way that they reach both casual and hardcore fans.

Interest in Rose for positions around basketball is not a surprise - great local commentators often leave for cushier jobs with less travel or take new challenges, such as coaching or front office positions. Rose already works for NBA TV in addition to local broadcasts, and given TNT's uneven color commentary situation should probably be considered for some national TV games on Turner's networks.

But Comcast and the Sixers will have Malik Rose back for a fifth season, and we're all fortunate for that. Here's to more great analysis, fun commentary, and obscure Chappelle's Show references.

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