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NBA Draft Rumors: Celtics to Offer Sixers Big Trade if Jahlil Okafor Slips

how many more kelly olynyks can we get?????

With all the hysteria surrounding DeMarcus Cousins and that #2 Lakers pick, things are even less cut and dry Towns-Okafor than they were before. And if D'Angelo Russell gets scooped up early, allowing Jahlil Okafor to fall, then the Sixers will be fielding some calls.

Remember, these are the Boston Celtics that offered Marcus Smart, #16, and #28 (and wow maybe Kelly Olynyk too?!) for Nerlens Noel and the 3rd pick. I really don't think they have the top-level assets to sway the Sixers to move all the way back to 16. The Sixers are looking for a superstar (REAL BAD) and dropping down to 16 and picking up some more 7th men from our division rivals doesn't seem maybe like the best way to do it. A three-teamer, perhaps?

This is just one report, and you can be damn sure other teams who don't particularly care about defense will be blowing up Sam Hinkie's phone to try to trade into that third spot for Jahlil. Stay woke, please.

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