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NBA Draft Rumors: Sixers Considering Rashad Vaughn as Late First Round Target

The Inquirer's Keith Pompey reports that the Sixers have a target in mind in the back half of the first.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday afternoon, the Sixers seemed to have found a dance partner in their quest to acquire another first round pick: Portland. Late on Draft Eve, reports by the Philadelphia Inquirer's Keith Pompey suggest that they have a name in mind: UNLV's Rashad Vaughn.

Before anyone starts pre-ordering their Vaughn jerseys from the team shop, all usual Draft Week caveats apply here. No reason to question Keith's reporting, but the Sixers are famously guarded about who they're interested in; they don't telegraph moves or carry out business in the public eye. I like to think of Sam Hinkie sitting at his desk and rapping along with Ten Crack Commandments: "Don't you know Bad Boys move in silence and violence?"

Disclaimers aside, Vaughn is a name that checks plenty of boxes for Hinkie supporters and detractors alike.

He's the second youngest player in this draft (doesn't turn 19 until August), and his shooting ability would be a major boon for a team starved of deep threats. Vaughn hit 38 percent of his threes on over six attempts per game, and did so on a wide variety of looks. He's been well-regarded for his scoring instincts back to his early high school days, and his versatility as a shooter would make an immediate impact.

That assumes he's healthy enough to play, of course. Like other oft-maligned selections made by the franchise, Vaughn's final collegiate season was ended prematurely by an injury. Vaughn suffered a torn meniscus in February, and while meniscus tears are generally considered less serious than other knee ailments, it's worth noting nonetheless. Cue a chorus of, "Of course Hinkie wants guys who can't play!"

If you aren't jazzed up about the guy Mike Levin compared to loose leaf paper, it may be time to start watching some UNLV tape, just in case.

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