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Chad Ford Thinks the Sixers Should Draft Emmanuel Mudiay

NBA Draft mainstay Chad Ford rates Emmanuel Mudiay as this draft's third-best player, making him a natural pick for the Sixers tomorrow in his eyes.

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While Chad Ford's big boards (currently on version 785.4) that he continuously updates throughout the year are based on the information he gathers from teams and scouts, Ford also keeps his own personal big board of how he views these prospects. Ford ranks Emmanuel Mudiay as the third-best player in the 2015 draft after Karl-Anthony Towns and Kristaps Porzingis, respectively.

Here's what Ford says (In$ider) about what the 76ers should do with the third pick tomorrow in a situation where those top-two guys are off the board:

What they need -- desperately -- is some backcourt help. In the first version of the "Grade: A" mock draft, I had them grabbing Russell. But after watching them both workout and interviewing them, I actually think it's Mudiay who has the slight edge over Russell. He's bigger, more athletic and I think he has a unique maturity that will matter in the league. He doesn't provide the shooting that Russell does, but his shot isn't broken. He's clearly been working on it. Defensively? Mudiay is far ahead.

Though I wouldn't agree with that assessment myself, as you can see from Liberty Ballers' prospect rankings, it is one possible direction that Sam Hinkie and the team could take tomorrow night in the hopes of Brett Brown using his wealth of developmental experience to mold Mudiay into a more well-rounded offensive player and an elite point guard.

Marc Whittington did a wonderful breakdown yesterday on the stylistic differences between Mudiay and D'Angelo Russell, giving a glimpse of how he each would affect the Sixers' offensive scheme.

What's your take on Ford's pick? We have less than 31 hours to squeeze in a few more Mudiay v. Russell debates!

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