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LB Big Board: Jerian Grant Swipes 18th, Vote Here For Final Two

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If only for the story, I'm kind of rooting for Grant to be drafted by the Sixers somehow.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Jerami's smaller, older brother took the 18th spot on our community big board, with about 28% of the vote. The late teens are, in general, a good place to be in the draft. It appears as if the best value spots are 6-8 and about 18-22, given the tiers that most draft experts would assign to them. Getting Grant at 18 seems like good value to me.

If Grant weren't 22-years-old, given the displayed fondness the Sixers have for big point guards, he'd probably be a Sixers target. He also knew how to shoot at one point, too. I like him as an NBA role player, a third guard.

Sam Dekker was second in the vote and will be back with the same cast of characters from last time. The top 2 vote-getters will occupy the final two spots on the community board, which will stand side-by-side with the LB staffs' when they're all released on Wednesday or Thursday.