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LB NBA Mock Draft: Rashad Vaughn to the Chicago Bulls


Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This is the point in the Mock Draft where you're fully tuned out. Not in the real draft, that's ludicrous, you'll be out of toilet paper and halfway through absentmindedly burrowing a tunnel under your living room floor from all the intensity. But the nature of the Mock Draft is that it lacks all the trades and pompy circumstance that we'll get from the real thing one week from Thursday. So not only are we stabbing flies in the dark with our selections, but we're doing it with the full knowledge that the nature of things could be obsolete eight minutes into the draft when the Lakers trade their pick for an animatronic humanoid flashing WIN NOW out of its eyes.

With that, the Chicago Bulls select Rashad Vaughn. Of all the living things that have ever existed, Rashad Vaughn is the one I might be most neutral on. Rashad Vaughn and loose leaf paper, totally a 0 on the +/- of my life. I could walk by him on the street and I wouldn't text anybody. My foot falls asleep when I think about him.

He's the second-youngest player in the draft behind Devin Booker. He's a 2-guard out of UNLV that might become Lou Williams or MarShon Brooks. The Bulls are one Jimmy Butler RFA contract with the Sixers away from the apocalypse. They need to get younger and scorier, and Fred Hoiberg won't be afraid to roll the dice on youth.

Let me know what objects or people in life register no feeling with you in the comments, and Marc makes the Blazers pick tomorrow.

1. Minnesota Timberwolves - Karl-Anthony Towns
2. Los Angeles Lakers - Jahlil Okafor
3. Philadelphia 76ers - D'Angelo Russell
4. New York Knicks - Emmanuel Mudiay
5. Orlando Magic - Mario Hezonja
6. Sacramento Kings - Justise Winslow
7. Denver Nuggets - Willie Cauley-Stein
8. Detroit Pistons - Stanley Johnson
9. Charlotte Hornets - Kristaps Porzingis
10. Miami Heat - Myles Turner
11. Indiana Pacers - Cameron Payne
12. Utah Jazz - Frank Kaminsky
13. Phoenix Suns - Kelly Oubre
14. Oklahoma City Thunder - Bobby Portis
15. Atlanta Hawks - Sam Dekker
16. Boston Celtics - R.J. Hunter
17. Milwaukee Bucks - Trey Lyles
18. Houston Rockets - Jerian Grant
19. Washington Wizards - Devin Booker
20. Toronto Raptors - Rondae Hollis-Jefferson
21. Dallas Mavericks - Tyus Jones
22. Chicago Bulls - Rashad Vaughn
23. Portland Trail Blazers - ???

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