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Joel Embiid Injury, Dario Saric Buyout, D'Angelo Russell Workout, and Iguodala MVP on Very Somber Ricky

no dana!

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Been a weird week! The Joel Embiid news broke last night and on today's Rights to Ricky Sanchez podcast, Spike and Mike lament, hypothesize, and console each other. Andrew Bynum should not be mentioned in a Sixers podcast in 2015, and it's very sad that he was. The timing of the Woj report and Sixers press release is very curious indeed, and we talk about all the possibilities.

In potentially-secretly-related news, Dario Saric might come over this season if the Sixers can figure out the buyout. He'd be a nice consolation prize for the rotting corpse of Joel Embiid, but also someone hold me I can't feel my face.

D'Angelo Russell cancelled a Sixers pre-draft workout because he was sick, leading mainstream media heads to yell loudly from mountaintops that no one wants to play for the Sixers. Certainly.

And Game 5 of the NBA Finals is tonight, which doesn't feel real because the Sixers are the only important thing in the world and other people playing basketball is bullshit. Andre Iguodala may very well be the Finals MVP if the Dubs pull the series out, but I find it very hard to believe that people will give him the award. POINTZZZZ, etc.

Sorry for the lack of intro music -- Spike had to do this one from home in a pool of his own vomit -- but listen to the podcast and hopefully you feel better about Joel. All we can do is speculate and try not to light ourselves on fire.

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