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NBA Mock Draft: Sixers Taking Kristaps Porzingis at #3?

Draft Express has the Sixers grabbing the 7'1" Latvian big man with the third selection in this month's NBA draft. Does Kristaps Porzingis fit? Will the pick cause a schism in what's left of this small, devout fan base? Hinkie!

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Prepare the hot take cannon, as DraftExpress (DX) updated their 2015 NBA Mock Draft this morning and now has the 76ers grabbing power forward Kristaps Porzingis from Sevilla with the third-overall pick. This is a departure from earlier mocks from DX, who had the Sixers drafting D'Angelo Russell previously. Russell is now slated to go fourth to the Knicks, pushing Emmanuel Mudiay down from his former landing spot in New York to the Sacramento Kings with the sixth pick.

Potential interest from the Sixers isn't new.  Our own Derek Bodner has mentioned that Sam Hinkie has taken the trip to Spain to watch Porzingis play for Sevilla several times this year. Jonathan Givony from DX reported in March that the Sixers were one of two teams, along with the Hawks, who tried to convince Porzingis to stay before the Early Entry Withdraw Deadline in last year's draft , where he likely would've been selected in the teens.

Would the Sixers have possibly taken the deal the Nuggets made with the Bulls, switching out the 10th pick for the 16th and 19th selections from Chicago in attempt to draft Dario Saric AND Kristaps Porzingis? I don't even know if I could've handled all of that European basketball streaming (just kidding; of course I could).

Porzingis is not without his red flags. According to an interview with our own Jake Fischer for Sports Illustrated, Porzingis says he only weighs 230 pounds at the moment, though he hopes to get to "240, 250." Hinkie clearly isn't opposed to selecting upside-filled prospects who are currently rail thin, as a quick look at the slim Nerlens Noel should indicate.

Given Jake Pavorsky's report early this morning about the Sixers' intrigue with Mudiay, it seems that it is now the wacky point of the pre-draft process with rumors and information flying all over the place. Don't get too worked up about anything just yet. Or at least until the Sixers' Official Draft Party at Dilworth Park turns riotous after the Sixers snag 'Staps with the third pick.

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