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LB Community Big Board: Hezonja Takes 4th Over Mudiay

The Croatian Sensation (version 2, Dario will always be number 1) takes the fourth spot on the big board. Vote here for number 5.

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Mario Hezonja, with 46% of the LB vote, takes fourth place on the Liberty Ballers Community Big Board. Emmanuel Mudiay finished second with 37% of the vote, with Justise Winslow at 11% in the latest round of voting.

No new prospects will be added today, since the guys at the bottom received very little of the vote. Mudiay might be the favorite today given the votes last time around.

But let's turn to another prospect. Earlier today Grantland launched the first part of a three-part series on Kristaps Porzingis, who received 3% of the LB vote in the last installment. I suggest you go read that - it's going to provide a lot more information on a player who, given his international roots and limited playing time for Sevilla, is still a bit of an unknown in the United States to the population at large.

He's not an unknown to Sam Hinkie, who per Derek Bodner has flown to Spain on multiple occasions specifically to scout Porzingis, who may be one of the favorites to be selected with the third overall pick.

LB Big Board To Date

1. Karl-Anthony Towns - Kentucky Wildcats
2. D'Angelo Russell - Ohio State Buckeyes
3. Jahlil Okafor - Duke Blue Devils
4. Mario Hezonja - Barcelona (Spanish ACB)
5. ???

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