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RTRS: Bill Simmons, Misinformed Draft Scouting, Playoffs, Tony Wroten Dreaming

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This week's Ricky! Sponsored by Spike's hate of everything and Molly Sullivan's wedding. Thanks to everybody who bought Lottery Party shirts for pickup at the party, and if you missed your chance to buy a shirt for pickup, we'll have some for sale at the party itself, and you can buy shirts for delivery right here from Cheesesteak Tees.

Bill Simmons might be on the podcast next week! He might not be, but also might be. So think about that. Could we get him to say #FuckAndrewSharp? Tune in to find out.

Lots of draft talk on this one, some of Spike's new takes post-youtube videos. A few interesting questions about Nerlens and Joel that I'd like to hear your takes on. We also talk a little NBA Playoffs and how soon the Sixers are likely to be there. More Tony Wroten celebrations await. But first thing's first -- it all comes down to #OneSixEleven.

I should be in Philly for the next Ricky. Can't believe I'm flying across the country for the Lottery Party. I have achieved Peak Levin. Let's go crazy. Listen up here, see you soon.

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