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NBA Draft Talk on the Ricky: D'Angelo vs. Mudiay, Porzingis & Hezonja, Stanley Johnson

it's gonna be a month, guys

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While Spike continues on his YouTube-watching rampage, we had LB Jousting Champion Derek Bodner (@DerekBodnerNBA) on the Ricky to talk NBA Draft. Listen to that here, subscribe to it on iTunes or RSS. I promise none of us were eating sandwiches this time.

We discuss D'Angelo Russell vs. Emmanuel Mudiay, a debate I've recently switched sides on, and the possibility of going international to take Kristaps Porzingis or Mario Hezonja, both of whom would reportedly come to the States right away. Could Hinkie get the guy he wants while trading down and picking up another #asset or two? Maybe, but it's more complicated than the internet consensus would lead you to believe.

Stanley Johnson is also a player I remain intrigued by, despite the mock drafts pushing him closer towards 10. I tweeted my somewhat unconventional and soon-to-be-revised Big Board yesterday, to much ambivalence. Send angry retorts to me at 123 Hollis Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 00000 (for Hawes).

And of course we get into the impending Hawks vs. Grizzlies NBA Finals matchup, because teams are built through the middle and Al Horford and Mike Conley Jr. were certainly not top picks. There's also an overheard mid-urinal conversation relayed from the WIP bathrooms.

In happy protest of the general public's unwillingness to cite the proper name of THE RIGHTS TO RICKY GODDAMNED SANCHEZ, Spike and I have created a Twitter account for The Ricky, @RTRSpodcast. Give it a follow. We have an intern named Phillip running it. He's a good boy, so be gentle. Also follow me (@Michael_Levin), and Spike (@SpikeEskin), because we're very important.

I think this was a good Ricky. Tell me I'm wrong in the comments below. Love you guys.

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