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Philadelphia 76ers Top Stories Of The Week

The best Sixers stories on the web this week, centered around a lottery party with awesome turnout and a lottery with mixed results.

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1. Obviously, the big story of the week comes from the NBA Draft Lottery. The Sixers ended up keeping their third spot in the draft order, and did not obtain picks from Miami or LA. They are currently slated to have up to four selections next year.

2. Unless you've been living under a rock, we co-promoted, along with the Rights to Ricky Sanchez podcast and Spike Eskin, the Second Annual Draft Lottery Party. It was Michael Levin's first, and he put together a nice recap of the events. So did Andrew Sharp, previously public enemy number one, for GrantlandComcast SportsNet and Amy Fadool came as well, and there's video. I mostly handed out t-shirts while wearing a K.J. McDaniels jersey.

3. Speaking of those t-shirts, here's ESPN's Pablo Torre, who wrote maybe the definitive piece on the Sixers front office for a national audience, holding up our shirt on Around The Horn on Tuesday.

4. Some of the best local media coverage of the lottery and aftermath:

5. And finally, some of the best Liberty Ballers weekly coverage for you from this week: Derek Bodner's weekly Thursday LB Mailbag and Marc Whittington on Mario Hezonja. Our draft coverage will be ramped up beginning on Tuesday.

Finally, thanks again to everyone that came out on Tuesday and supported the site, and everyone else who reads us weekly. We couldn't have done it without you. And thanks to the Sixers, Comcast SportsNet, and everyone else that made it a BIG deal.

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