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RTRS: Lottery Party, Nerlens ROY Snub, Draft Talk, Dario Saric Unease

The Ricky returns after a two week absence!

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

With a little over two weeks to go until the NBA Draft Lottery changes all of our lives on Tuesday, May 19th, Spike and Mike pump the jam pump it up while your feet are stomping on this week's Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast. There's still a couple more days to get your t-shirts for the Lottery Party at Buffalo Wild Wings at Grant and the Boulevard -- $5 will net you a shirt for party pickup, $15 if you want it shipped to you after the fact. Come to the party, we're gonna try to do a live Ricky there, it'll be exceptionally dumb. You don't want to miss it.

As I wake up over the course of the hour, we also talk about Nerlens Noel not winning Rookie of the Year, a little bit about the NBA Playoffs and which former Sixers we'd like to have back (HAWES HAWES HAWES HAWES), and the Houston Rockets social media guy who got fired for murdering a horse emoji in cold blood.

Then we get to some draft stuff -- DTA on any "Hinkie Likes" rumors -- and why I'm worried that I don't like Dario Saric's pro prospects as much as I wish I did.

Finally, one more plug for TEAM LIBERTY BALLERS at The Basketball Tournament. We need fans. We need you to sign up and become a fan. It takes very little time, we are representing actual Philly basketball with Philly basketball people, and I'm asking you to do this because look at the various random dickhole teams who have more fans than we do:


See? What's a WOYG? This is unacceptable. So make it happen please. I need you. Reggie Redding needs you. Sign up here. I love you.

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