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Did Nerlens Noel Give a Sneak Peak at the new Sixers Uniforms?

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Nerlens Noel made headlines when he displayed his No. 3 Kentucky jersey stitched into the interior of his suit jacket at the 2013 NBA Draft. Two years later, at the 2015 NBA Draft Lottery, Noel opened up his jacket to reveal a white and royal blue Sixers jersey with the word "PHILA" and the number 15 etched on them.

Did Noel provide a sneak peak at the new 76ers 2015-16 uniforms?

The jerseys are painfully similar to the team's current set, and have really just replaced the word "Sixers" with "Phila" across the chest. Even worse, the home white jersey inside Noel's jacket is lacking the current red font supplementing the blue numbers.

Now this is of course just a snap shot of the new unis, if in fact these are part of that new set, and we're missing the supposed pattern/designed trim as well as the shorts. Even so, what are your thoughts on what Noel modeled?

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