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2015 NBA Draft Lottery Results: Sixers Make Top Three For Second Straight Year

Balls came through again!

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

For the second consecutive year, the Sixers are in the top 3 of the NBA Draft Lottery. Regardless of how things turn out from here, this is good news. Be happy. Celebrate. Party. Top 3, baby!

However, the Sixers did not receive an extra pick from the Los Angeles Lakers or the Miami Heat. Those picks will roll over to next season, where the Sixers will have another chance to have multiple first round selections. LA's selection is top 3-protected for the 2016 Draft, while Miami's has the same top 10 protection. Additionally, the Sixers are owed a pick from Oklahoma City next season which is also heavily protected.

Will the Sixers pick first, second, or third? Will Dan Gilbert pull off the mathematically impossible before a bewildered crowd? No matter what happens, this is a good night for the Sixers.

Full results to come in a few moments. For now, celebrate and revel in where the Sixers will ultimately pick in our comments thread below.

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