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NBA Draft Lottery: Baseless Sixers Predictions


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Folks in sports media like to make predictions. Loud ones. Who will win, which prospects will be amazing or horrible, anything Skip Bayless has ever said out loud. (I do it too, but I've only ever been right.) And unless somebody goes on a Gowton-esque Fav Spree or its more condemning cousin, Eskin's Retweet Armageddon, they rarely get strongarmed into eating crow for any of those ignorant, usually baseless predictions they're forcefeeding us.

That being said, here are 19 experts haphazardly guessing with little to no consequence at which picks the Sixers will get in the NBA Draft Lottery scheduled to take place tonight, with help from the following graphic from Friend Of The Blog, @killakow and this subreddit.

Levin 2, 6 1.02%
Steidel 5 13.07%
Rueter 3 13.88%
Pavorsky 2 13.77%
O'Connor 1 13.42%
Whittington 3 13.88%
Fischer 3, 6 0.89%
Gowton 1, 6, 11 0.28%
Baumann 4, 11 1.35%
Burton 4 21.25%
Clancy 1, 6, 11 0.28%
Share 5, 6 9.79%
Bodner 4 21.25%
Neubeck 1 13.42%
Doshi 4 21.25%
F. 5 13.07%
Carey 2 13.77%
Eskin 1, 6, 11 0.28%
Hofmann 5, 6 9.79%


Very disconcerted that nobody picked just #6. That would be the most Negadelphian of all the things and I'm now convinced it will happen. Also surprised nobody picked this. Anyway, take these opinions to the bank, because they'll all be right. Jake Fischer has more on the Sixers lottery odds for

And finally, here's Spike with a much needed grounded take on #OneSixEleven:

I've done a lot of thinking about this, and gone through all of the numbers. The statistics say that the Sixers have about a 15% chance at getting the first pick. I've gone a lot deeper into the numbers and come up with the most likely scenario.

After a lot of work, I've determined the Sixers will get the first, sixth and eleventh picks in the NBA Draft Lottery on Tuesday.

The Knicks and Lakers will have their picks taken away, and the Hornets will get whatever pick is right after all the good players are gone.

Feeling good about tonight? Feeling anxious? Feeling like this whole post was just an elaborate humblebrag? Carve us a window into your soul in the comments below, and we'll see you in a few hours. You can probably guess what shirsey I'll be wearing.

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