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Sixers 2015 NBA Draft Lottery Thread

IT'S BALL TIME! Wait dammit that doesn't sound right.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

For many fans of NBA teams, Game 1 of the NBA Finals is a day they look forward to all season the most. For Sixers fans while the team is rebuilding, the equivalent is the Draft Lottery. Sixers fans have spent all season wondering what's going to happen with all of their draft conveys, will the Heat's pick and Lakers's pick convey, and most importantly, where will the Sixers pick in the 2015 NBA Draft? Here's everything you need to know about the lottery, and here's our predictions based on nothing but fairy dust.

You are likely at Buffalo Wild Wings watching with 500 of your closest Sixers friends. I'm pantsless in my mother's basement blogging. We're all about to stare intently at a list of 14 teams, each reveal costing us another nail until we're all biting toenails. We'll be posting any clips, pictures, and Periscope links from the Lottery party here and on Twitter.

This is our night. But should things not go the Sixers' way, remember it's a long process. Tonight's about celebrating, whether you be dousing yourself in your favorite wing sauce in Northeast Philly or elsewhere cheering a Sixers team with direction and a competent front office. Nights like this don't come around often, so enjoy the hell out of it.

But dammit it will be so much fun if the Sixers win. Hashtag OneSixEleven. Let's make history.

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