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Come To The Liberty Ballers/Rights To Ricky Sanchez NBA Draft Lottery Party

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2014 Lottery Party

We are incredibly close to the biggest day of the year for the Philadelphia 76ers. This Tuesday, May 19th, around 8ish EST, the NBA Draft Lottery will begin. And if by that time you haven't already picked up your Sam Hinkie shirt from Cheesesteak Tees, some Buffalo Wild Wings wings, and listened to the first ever LIVE Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast with Spike Eskin and myself, then you'll be sincerely missing out. A butt ton of people will be there, and I want you -- YES, YOU IN THE BOXERS -- to be one of them.

I'll copy and paste everything from Spike's website because it's comprehensive and also because it'll make him mad that I didn't do anything myself. Be sure to note the Lyft ride special we have going as well as the money BWW is donating to charity on behalf of our boozing. #OneSixEleven, y'all. See you in a few days. Tell me in the comments if you'll be in attendance.


WHAT: The Second Annual Rights To Ricky Sanchez & Liberty Ballers Lottery Party

WHEN: Tuesday, May 19th, 6pm till WHENEVER (the Lottery itself will be around 8, but get there early)

WHERE: The fabulous Buffalo Wild Wings at 9701 Roosevelt Boulevard (at Grant) in the great Northeast


WHAT ELSE: 10% of all proceeds will be going to the Alzheimer's Association of the Delaware Valley Junior Committee

FREE RIDES: Get a free first ride of up to $20 when you sign up for LYFT using the code ONESIXELEVEN. Get the app and sign up HERE.



If you ordered one of those sweet Trust The Process shirts from Cheesesteaktees for party pickup, you can do that! The t-shirts will be distributed in the back room (behind the glass) at Buffalo Wild Wings. Please bring the ID of the person who ordered the shirts, and the confirmation email (on your phone is fine) of your purchase. [if you want to buy one for delivery, you can do that here.]

Thank you, of course, to the folks at Cheesesteaktees for the production and selling of the shirts, and our friend Kevin Lennertz (@KevinLennertz) for the design.

Thanks to my wife for helping to man the t-shirt booth. Thanks to Tom Hogg from Cheesesteaktees for helping.

If you were an idiot and didn't order one, we will have a VERY LIMITED QUANTITY to sell on site, cash only.


A bunch of people were complaining that WAAAAHHHH the Northeast is too far and WAAAAAHHHH they wanted to drink. Now, thanks to the ridesharing service LYFT, you'll get a ride for free (up to $20). Just download the app, and enter promo code ONESIXELEVEN in the payments section of the app. Get the app HERE or on the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android. [Mike fully endorses Lyft over Uber.]


People get there very early last year. You should do that this year as well. Because the lottery itself is about 10 minutes long, the party itself is mostly before the lottery happens. Of course, when we get #OneSixEleven, we'll stay all night. We'll start officially at 6pm, but Mike and Spike will be there earlier than that.


We'll be recording a LIVE version of The Rights To Ricky Sanchez (we think). It will start around 6:45. It might be a disaster, but we're going to try.


It's TRADITIONAL TUESDAY at Buffalo Wild Wings, meaning wings are just .65 cents each. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Eat a lot of them. Eat the hell out of them with their 16 signature sauces and five dry rubs. Also, if you can get there before 6pm, you can take advantage of their Happy Hour specials, including $3 select appetizers (Mozzarella sticks, Roasted Garlic Mushrooms, Chili con Queso Dip & tortilla chips, Mini Corn Dogs, a Regular sized order of Beer Battered Onion Rings and Tortila Chips & Salsa). They have $3 liquor specials for Absolut, Jack Daniels and Captain Morgan, as well as $3-$5 23oz Tall Draft Beers with 30 beers on tap!

Also, while you're there, sign up to host your Fantasy Football Draft Party at BWW. Book your Fantasy Football party with 10 or more people and receive a FF Draft Kit filled with: A draft board, stickers with the players names on them, (20) $5 coupons for future purchases, the Brag Flag, and (10) bottle openers with the BWW logo. The kits are limited, so book your party ASAP!


Thanks to our friend Marty at Sports Authority, we have a couple of sweet Sixers Starter satin jackets to give away. Buy all your Sixers gear at Sports Authority.


The official hashtag of the event for all of your tweeting and Instagramming and Pinterest needs is #OneSixEleven.


Behave yourself. Have a great time.

This is going to be a really fun time, and Spike, myself and everyone at LB is so amazed and thrilled that this event can happen at all, and can be as big as it seems like it will be. Remember, when the ping pong balls fall our way, you're going to need someone to hug.

*the Sixers are in no way involved with this party even though I took that logo and put it on the thing up top. sorry Sixers!

Remember last year:

Please help team Liberty Ballers qualify for the $1 million The Basketball Tournament this summer in Philadelphia! The roster includes great local talent that includes: Reggie Redding (Villanova), Antonio Pena (Villanova), Ryan Brooks (Temple), Garrett Williamson (St. Joe's) and more! Vote for Liberty Ballers here.


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