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Philadelphia 76ers Top Five Stories Of The Week

The best Sixers stories the internet has to offer for the week of May 11th.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

1. Shamus Clancy has a couple reports from Sixerland. Nerlens Noel will be representing the Sixers at the NBA Draft Lottery in New York on Tuesday. Let's hope the pick Philadelphia gets is higher than Noel's jersey number (that would be pick 4, for those who needed a moment). Philadelphia has also hired David Martin to be their "Head of Sports Science". Pretty sick title.

2. Roy Burton wraps up Robert Covington's 2014-15 season in his "Sixers Tinder" article. The people are overwhelmingly in favor of RoCo.

3. The Sixers unveiled their new logo, as well as a couple secondary logos. Dribbling Ben Franklin is everything.

4. Philadelphia worked out former UTEP forward Vince Hunter and Tennessee guard Josh Richardson at PCOM last week for one of their many pre-draft workouts.

5. For more "Sixers Tinder" articles, here's Marc Whittington on Nerlens NoelShamus Clancy on Furkan AldemirMike Levin on Tony Wroten, and Kyle Neubeck on Jason Richardson.

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