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Nerlens Noel Will Represent the Sixers at the Draft Lottery

Nerlens Noel will make his way to New York City on Tuesday for the drawing of the NBA Draft Lottery.

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Nerlens Noel and his (hopefully) lucky flattop will be the Sixers' representative at the NBA Draft Lottery on Tuesday in New York City, per a report from The Philadelphia Inquirer's Keith Pompey that the team itself later confirmed. The Sixers have the third-best odds at 15.6% of landing the first-overall selection in this year's NBA draft, while also possessing a 17.2% chance of landing the Los Angeles Lakers' top-five protected pick and a 9.1% shot at the receiving the Miami Heat's top-10 protected selection.

Julius Erving attended the lottery for the Sixers last year, looking a bit confused as to the situation regarding the placement of the Sixers' own pick as well as the top-five protected pick they had from the New Orleans Pelicans. After Tom Moore of the Intelligencer reported on Monday that Dr. J would be in China and unable to attend again this year, speculation arose as to whether Noel or his fellow big man Joel Embiid would take the Doctor's spot.

The fact that Noel will be the team's rep is also intriguing because the top prospects in the 2015 draft are assumed to be big men: Kentucky's Karl-Anthony Towns and Duke's Jahlil Okafor. With Embiid already causing some fit concerns after being selected third-overall in 2014, Noel being present for a situation where the Sixers get this draft's first pick and the assumption that they'll be selecting Towns could be a bit awkward. 

This could be akin to the 2010 draft lottery, where Jrue Holiday represented the Sixers after his rookie season. The drawing for the top-two selections came down to the Sixers and the Washington Wizards for the right to draft John Wall with the first pick. Despite not "winning" the lottery, Holiday seemed a bit relieved and smiled knowing that he wasn't being replaced as the team's point guard of the future so soon.

Will Noel be put in such a position? Will the Sixers get the coveted #OneSixEleven draft positions? *drum roll*

Come find out on Tuesday at the Liberty Ballers/Right to Ricky Sanchez Lottery Party at Buffalo Wild Wings!

For reference, here are the other lottery team's representatives:

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