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Sixers Unveil Redesigned Primary, New Secondary Logos

Let's officially welcome Ballin' Ben Franklin into our lives.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia 76ers unveiled an updated, redesigned version of their primary logo as well as several new secondary logos on Tuesday morning. As part of the announcement, the Sixers declared the team will debut its new jerseys on June 18 at a public event at the Wells Fargo Center. The logo redesigns were revealed in advance next week's NBA Draft Lottery.

Little significant changes were made to the Sixers's primary logo. The team did away with the award red square and blue baseline that formerly bordered the team's classic ball design in favor of a crisp blue ring to wrap around the ball and boast, "Philadelphia." The ball has also been rotated about 30 degrees up to the right, now allowing fans to see the intersection of the ball's lines instead of the "76ers" awkwardly blocking the most distinctive design feature of a basketball.

There was no official statement in the team's press release in regards to the significance of the six stars running around the bottom semicircle of the ring bordering the ball. One could simply imagine it's representative of the team's nickname, "Sixers," but our own Derek Bodner made a better suggestion.

The team's new partial primary logo simply drops the ring around the ball. The Sixers also added additional secondary logos of the clean red and blue "76" surrounded by a ring of 13 stars inside a white circle along with everyone's favorite Ballin' Ben Franklin.

I personally love these new logos. Many were skeptical of the team's ability to handle their image re-design, but they've done an exceptional job so far. Franklin is a wonderfully designed mascot. He's dopey enough that kids will love him, but still fits the mold of a team hype man that enjoys spending his Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights dunking basketballs after jumping off trampolines. I've always wanted a mascot with a dad bod.

There's nothing to dislike about these new logos. The team didn't take an exceptional risks. The Ben Franklin secondary logo will likely only be used on merchandise, not actual team apparel. So even if you're amongst the group of dumb punks naysayers that aren't a fan of the historical figure being included, good old Ben won't have enough of an opportunity to prove to be detrimental to your basketball life.

All this should make you anxious with anticipation for the team's jersey unveiling just a week before the draft. I've only heard very positive things from people within the organization about these jerseys. They're definitely going to be bringing back some form of star pattern running along the trim, a pizzaz which the current uniform sets painstakingly lack.

It's a new era, ladies and gentleman. Let's embrace it with open arms and colonial bifocals.

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