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76ers' Sunday Morning Shootaround: Kyle Korver, Sex Symbol

In this edition of the Sunday Morning Shootaround, we catch up with a couple of former Sixers' general managers, take a look at Dario Saric's latest selfie, and ponder when exactly the right time is to burn down a college dorm.

Two of these guys are in the playoffs right now. And then there's Allen Iverson.
Two of these guys are in the playoffs right now. And then there's Allen Iverson.
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Former Philadelphia 76ers' general manager / current Turkish basketball coach / career genius Brad Greenberg opined about the story that will never die: Allen Ezail Iverson as a player-personnel director.

"Allen has a unique feel for the game because of how competitive he was," said Greenberg in an interview with Basketball Insiders. "I think Allen could spot out guys who have that same fire, but I don't know what his familiarity is with analytics and that seems to carry some weight in the NBA."

As Larry Brown has taught us, analytics are silly. So does it really matter that Iverson isn't entirely well-versed on VORP and Win Shares?

Speaking of A.I., this past week as the 13th anniversary of a very special, post-game press conference. Enjoy:


This Week In Former Sixers' GMs continues with a quote from Ed Stefanski about trading Kyle Korver during the 2007-08 season. Here is the Sixers-centric excerpt from the recent Grantland article on Korver:

Maurice Cheeks, Korver's last coach in Philadelphia, still remembers driving into the Sacramento arena parking lot in late 2007 when Ed Stefanski, then Philly's GM, called to tell him the Sixers were dealing the Californian (by way of Iowa). Cheeks could summon only one word, he says: "Why? Why? Why?"

The Sixers needed to open both cap space and minutes for Thaddeus Young, Stefanski recalls. Still, dealing Korver wasn't easy. He was already among the league's best shooters and a beloved figure in the Philadelphia community, where Korver had started a foundation to benefit inner-city kids. "Our community relations manager was literally in tears when I told her," Stefanski says. "And all the young girls in Philly wanted to kill me. Parents were coming up to me and saying I had traded their daughter's favorite player."

1) Mo Cheeks was surrounded by idiots.

2) Is it a coincidence that Mo Cheeks's quote is the same exact thing that Nancy Kerrigan said when she had her knee taken out back in 1994? Does anyone else reading this even know who Nancy Kerrigan is?

2) The Sixers didn't need to free up cap space for Thaddeus Young, who was a rookie when Korver was traded. And the point about minutes is debatable: Young was more of a PF at the time while Korver was more of a small forward. But... Stefanski.

3) In his last three full seasons with the Sixers, Kyle Korver made 542 three-pointers (knocking them down at a 41.6 percent clip). He was traded for Gordan Giricek and a first-round pick that would be later dealt to Minnesota in an offseason salary dump involving Rodney Carney and Calvin Booth. If the 76ers were so concerned about free money/time for Thaddeus Young, couldn't they have just dealt Carney/Booth and kept Korver? But... Stefanski.

4) The "young girls in Philly" were upset because at one point, Korver bore a passing resemblance to Ashton Kutcher. Personally, I think Kutcher is far more debonair than the Hawks' swingman.

(Editor's Note: Ashton Kutcher is on the Board of Advisors at Vox Media.)


I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that "selfinho" is Croatian for "selfie." Dear Dario: You won't need to resort to selfies once you make it on this side of the ocean, young fella: Max Rappaport will take enough pictures of you to last a lifetime.

And if you're wondering, napokon means "finally" in Bosnian. As in "I finally made it to the aquarium to take this Instagram selfie."


He's not just the Co-Managing Editor of Liberty Ballers... he's also a power hitting second baseman for the Vox Softball team. And by "power hitting second baseman", I mean "his batting average is slightly higher than Chase Utley's."


Sadly, Little Jake couldn't get clean after the game because of this monstrosity found in one of the University of Maryland shower stalls the other day.

I chose not to stay on campus at Temple because I knew that my GPA would suffer as a result of late-night "Bill Walsh College Football" marathons (Tommie Frazier was a beast in that game). But ill-advised video game sessions are one thing - pre-historic creatures found in communal bathrooms are a whole different ball of wax.

If you're in the shower and you see this, there are really only three options:

A) Pull the fire alarm so that everyone leaves the building and burn Ellicott Hall to the ground.

B) Move into an Extended Stay America for the rest of the semester.

C) Both A and B.


Note: Never give Dave Rueter a six-pack of Leinenkugel and the password to your social media account. Unless, of course, you WANT him to live-tweet episodes of Family Feud and Boy Meets World.


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Happy Mother's Day, everyone.

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