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Liberty Ballers To (Attempt To) Enter The Basketball Tournament

The Basketball Tournament is back with a $1 million payout, and Liberty Ballers wants to be a part.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

You may have heard of "The Basketball Tournament" last year, a multi-day, bracket style competition with a $500,000 payout for the winner. Games were played at Philadelphia University, and starred many well known overseas and NBA players. The 2014 champion was a group of Notre Dame Alumni that took down a team led by Dahntay Jones and Josh Boone.

This year, The Basketball Tournament is back and bigger than ever. The prize has been upped to $1 million, with the championship game to be televised on ESPN. There's also an additional three regions (Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles), with the Philly region from July 17th-19th.

This sounds like too much damn fun not to be part of, so Liberty Ballers is hoping to enter a team. A starting five of Levin-Burton-Bodner-Fischer-Gowton would be entertainingly terrible, but (luckily) LB writers won't be participating. We're currently in the process of adding some professional players to ball out on our behalf. (LeBron, if you're not doing anything for a couple days in July, let's talk.)

Teams with the most amount of "fans" will be eligible to compete, so that's where we need your help. Please click on this link to vote to become a fan of our squad. There's something in it for you too. Provided we win, $50,000 of the money goes to you guys. The top 91 fans that sign up or recruit the most will win a handful of cash prizes.

We're really hoping to be a part of this really cool tournament, so please support Team Liberty Ballers as we try and qualify. We'll keep you posted on the roster moves as we go along.

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