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Brett Brown Talks Nerlens, MCW, Embiid, and Hinkie on the Rights To Ricky Sanchez

this happened

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

A few days ago, we announced that Brett Brown had for some reason agreed to be on my podcast with Spike Eskin, cryptically titled The Rights To Ricky Sanchez. The next 48 hours were filled with dread that something would go wrong and I'd be the boy who cried tank when Brett couldn't make it onto the podcast because he had literally anything else to do.

But that didn't happen! He came on and talked to us for a half hour, and I think it was good. Was it good? Tell me if it was good. Brett is thoughtful and candid and I think his answers were interesting and revealing. There are so many questions I had that I didn't get to ask, and many of those questions were ones you guys gave us, so thanks again for that, they were tremendous. Maybe Brett will come back next week and every week forever. His accent is magnificent.

Thanks to the Sixers PR team for setting this up, and thanks to Brett for playing along and participating in what is certainly the dumbest question he's ever been asked.

So here it is (listen/download/subscribe!), Sixers head coach Brett Brown on The Ricky. Love you guys. Enjoy.

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