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Brett Brown To Appear On Sixers Podcast The Rights To Ricky Sanchez

will he do the dana barros rap? WHO KNOWS!

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

For those unaware: I run a podcast with Spike Eskin called The Rights To Ricky Sanchez (download! subscribe! on iTunes!) based on the Puerto Rican center Ricardo Sanchez, who the Sixers acquired the rights to in 2007, then subsequently traded in the Sam Young deal, as I'm sure everybody in America remembers. It feels like forever ago, but it was October of 2013 that we had Sixers GM Sam Hinkie on the podcast as our first guest. Now, an Eric Snow and an Ange Goldstein later, we have our fourth non-Spike, non-Mike, non-Doug Collins voice on the podcast: current head coach Brett Brown.

We're interviewing him this Saturday morning/afternoon, so it'll be posted on Twitter, iTunes, and Spike Eskin Hey My Name Is A Website Look At Me I'm My Own Brand Dot Com around then, and I'll put up a post about it here as well. But we wanted to get this out there a day or two early in order to give yous guys the opportunity to offer questions for us to ask him. I'll probably stick to mostly lickface-based topics, but there are a few things that we'll have the luxury of asking him in podcast form that beat reporters in a scrum maybe wouldn't be able to. It's gonna be fun.

Also, a reminder-- we're having another Liberty Ballers/Rights to Ricky Sanchez Lottery Party, on Tuesday May 19th at Buffalo Wild Wings in Northeast Philadelphia. Lots of people will be there, including probably me, to see the Sixers steal the Lakers pick right out from under them. You don't want to miss all the hugging. Oh and there are t-shirts being made that you can buy in advance. We may have decided on the design this morning, and it's incredible. We will look insane. We had 200+ last year, and I want us doubling that. Watch this, squeal a bit, then say you're coming.

But first: Brett Brown. I'm excited. You're excited. Give us your questions, we'll try to ask the good ones.

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