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Sixers vs. Heat Preview: Just Lose, Baby

You shouldn't be rooting for a Sixers win.

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The 2014-2015 NBA regular season ends tonight. Pat yourselves on the back, Sixers fans. You made it through another season of The Rebuild™.

But before the season is officially over, there's still some unfinished business to address. Like last year, the 76ers are set to face the Miami Heat in the season finale. Very much unlike last year, this game actually has some meaning. This isn't just a "sit back and enjoy" kind of affair. Far from it.

Let's not sugarcoat this: the Sixers need to lose tonight. Why? I'll let the great Derek Bodner explain.

The Sixers really, really, really need to lose this game. Not only can the Sixers still catch New York (and gain up to 22 more ping pong balls in the process), but losing can also keep alive the hope of getting Miami’s pick. Any Sixers player who has a hangnail could be liable to be in street clothes tonight. Unfortunately, as Miami was eliminated from the playoffs, they could (should) very well take the same approach. Their options are miss the playoffs and potentially lose their pick, or miss the playoffs and likely get the 10th pick. It’s a huge game for Miami, too.

Here are the other games you need to keep an eye on:

  • Orlando @ Brooklyn: Another huge game. Brooklyn would win a tiebreaker with the Pacers, so they still have a chance at the playoffs, and thus something to play for tonight. And they’re going up against an Orlando team that has lost 3 straight and has nothing to play for. If the Sixers want to get the Miami pick (without relying on lottery magic), they need Orlando to somehow win this game tonight.
  • Detroit @ Knicks: New York’s 2 game winning streak has them only one game away from the Sixers. If the Knicks can beat Detroit, and the Sixers lose to Miami, then the Sixers and Knicks will be tied for the 2nd worst record.

To sum it up: go Heat, go Magic, go Knicks.

The Sixers won't be getting the Oklahoma City Thunder pick and the Lakers pick is a long shot, so somehow getting Miami's pick would be nice. The Sixers also moving into a tie for second worst as opposed to third would also be very cool.

So, yeah, Sixers. Lose this game. Do whatever it takes. Sit everyone. Re-sign Kwame Brown. Let Brett Brown have the night off and bring back Eddie Jordan for this one. Don't let the Heat out-tank you. Have some (complete lack of) pride.

All the crap that you guys take for losing on purpose, which usually isn't true... let those critics be right just this once. Just lose, baby.

The Enemy Good Guys

Hot Hot Hoops


Sixers lose! Heat win! Magic win! Knicks win!

Game Info

Tip is at 8:00 PM EST. The Sixers are in Philly Game thread will be up at 7:30 - don't forget to join us for one last time this season. Watch the game on CSN Philly. Listen to the game on 97.5 The Fanatic.

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