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RTRS: Lottery Party, Brett Brown Aftermath, Spike's Big Board Response

all downhill from here!

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

This week's Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast is brought to you by hot dogs and samiches everywhere, living in harmony. Listen to it here or, even easier, download and subscribe to it on iTunes then get it sent automatically to your phone/computer forever. We answer a whole mess of Twitter questions, talk about last week's Brett Brown interview, and Spike responds directly to YOU PEOPLE, who lambasted his big board, to my chagrin.

Don't forget to buy your RTRS/LB Lottery Party t-shirts! Pre-order them for $5 if you're going to pick them up at the party, or order them for $15 if you're not able to make it to the biggest event Philadelphia's seen since Wrestlemania XV. The shirts are Hinkie with ping pong balls and "Trust The Process" on it. These are the droids you're looking for.

There are precious few games left in the season, and the Sixers are, at this point, only getting one first round pick. We'll need two doses of lottery ball help for the Lakers pick (4th), and Miami and OKC will need to win out to give Hinkie a shot at nabbing those first rounders.

Jake's already got a post revealing the rest of the Liberty Ballers The Basketball Tournament team scheduled for tomorrow. And with Antonio Pena (Villanova) and Ronald Moore/Kenny Hasbrouck (Siena) already on board, this is a very fun 2009y team we're assembling. Sign up to be a fan of us HERE. It takes 30 seconds, and then you won't have to do anything. Plus, if we win the tournament (we will!), then you make money. For real. And if we get enough fans, we get to make jerseys and are awarded a first round bye. Become a fan of us, because what the hell is Lynchburg College. Let's go, people. Here are more details to tide you over.

Also, a tremendously edited brand new Jigsaw intro from Spike. Listen to it in layup lines everywhere.


Feel free to voice your rebuttals to Spike's responses or rank your Starburst flavors below. #HandsForFeet #FeetForHands

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