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Philadelphia 76ers Top Five Stories of the Week

The best Sixers stories on the internet for the week of April 6th.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

1. Kyle Neubeck writes Rookie of the Year or no Rookie of the Year, Nerlens Noel is still the man. I'm inclined to agree with him. It's been quite the extraordinary season for the former Kentucky big man.

2. Sean O'Connor decides to size up Nerlens against the rest of the competition for ROY. Might be a little biased here, but we'd say he's got quite the convincing case.

3. Brett Brown was on the Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast! Make sure you check it out; Brett gives us a verdict on the hot dog/sandwich debate.

4. Spike Eskin loves basketball. He hates college basketball. He put together a big board for us anyway!

5. Thomas Robinson talked about the whole Brooklyn Nets fiasco, and the culture in Philadelphia with us. Should make you feel great about the direction this team is headed.

Bonus: Liberty Ballers is putting together a team for The Basketball Tournament, a summer contest in Philadelphia where the winning team gets $1,000,000. Our team has just added Siena's Ronald Moore and Kenny Hasbrouck, and Villanova's Antonio Pena. We need fan votes to qualify, so vote for us here! There are prizes in it for you as well.

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