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Liberty Ballers/Rights To Ricky Sanchez Draft Lottery Party Shirts Available

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cheesesteak tees

The Sixers figure to have anywhere from one to fourteen lottery picks in the 2015 NBA Draft. The placement of those picks, as always, will be determined at the NBA Draft Lottery, where Tanner Steidel once won the Sixers the #2 overall pick (woops can't remember who they took i bet it worked out great!). For us at Liberty Ballers, the Draft Lottery is the most important day of the year. So we go balls out for it.

In last week's Rights To Ricky Sanchez where Spike and I had Brett Brown on the podcast, we mentioned more finite details for the second annual LB/RTRS Lottery Party. And now, courtesy of my life partner Spike Eskin, our friends at Cheesesteak Tees, and wickedly talented designer Kevin Lennertz, we have t-shirts for you to buy and frighten your neighbors with:


That's a certain Sixers General Manager, drawing for ping-pong balls, and our Church Of Optionality's motto "TRUST THE PROCESS" behind him. You want this shirt.

They only cost FIVE DOLLARS if you plan on coming to the Lottery Party to pick them up. You should do this if you are anywhere near the area. Buy your shirt for pickup here. Spike's wife (a real girl) will be manning the t-shirt handout booth. Get there early, pick up your shirt, and wear it for the rest of the night when the Sixers get awarded picks #1, #6, and #11.

But if you are not in the area or you are afraid of interacting with other Sixers fans IRL (understandable), then you can buy the shirt for a mere FIFTEEN DOLLARS and it will be shipped to you wherever you are. Buy that shirt for delivery here.

The Lottery Party will be held:

Tuesday, May 19th
6PM - forever
Buffalo Wild Wings
9701 Roosevelt Boulevard (Grant/The Boulevard), Philadelphia, PA 19114

I'll let Spike sell you on the location:

It’s at Buffalo Wild Wings in the great northeast. It is ALL AGES. There is LOTS OF PARKING. There is BEER and OTHER ALCOHOL and mad SNACKS. You can eat all the snacks you can handle.

You can eat WINGS or BONELESS WINGS, or FLATBREADS or maybe some friggin’ NACHOS. Or perhaps some PULLED PORK SLAMMERS.

They will have some sweet food and drink specials for us.

Most importantly, they are happy to have us, and they will have a million loud TVs on the lottery so we can cheer when the Sixers steal the Lakers pick and we can boo when they show Doug Collins.

This was last year, 200 strong:

We're doubling that this time around. You don't want to miss it. Buy your shirt ahead of time, as we don't know how many we'll have on-hand to sell there. This is me reminding you that Spike and I do not make any money off this thing, we're only doing it for fun and because we're starting a cult that will end in multiple championships or mass fruit punch suicide.



Love you Kevin. Love you Cheesesteak Tees. Love you all. Trust The Process. And most importantly, Fuck Andrew Sharp. See you in 39 days.


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