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Sixers To Win Last Seven Games, Finish With 25 Wins

great job!

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

It's hard to believe the 2014-15 season is coming to an end. Feels like just yesterday the Sixers were losing seventeen consecutive games to start the season, determined to pan-fry the hearts and minds of every Hot Take Artist this side of the Mississip'. But they have gone 18-40 since those dark autumn nights, and currently own the 28th best record in the league.

Seven games remain. They will need to go 7-0 to meet my preseason prediction of 25 wins.

They will win all seven, so let's see who's going to suffer at their hands:

4/1 @ Washington

Fuck Andrew Sharp.

4/4 @ Charlotte


4/5 @ New York

They're gonna win this one too.

4/8 vs. Washington

Fuck Edward Sharp.

4/11 @ Chicago

Another W for the Sixers.

4/13 vs. Milwaukee

Spencer's ghost lingers too long in the minds of Bucks fans. W.

4/15 vs. Miami

That's seven.

Sure, these seven wins may cost the Sixers a few spots in the draft, but they're definitely winning all seven, so better to just enjoy it. Pretty impressive of me to pick the exact number of games they're going to win. And congrats to the Sixers for closing out the season strong. Seven in a row, wow, that's very special.

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