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Tanking Reinforcements: LB Adds Three New Writers

for whom the tank tolls

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Time flies. Not too long ago, I went to get groceries as Andrew Bynum got traded to the Sixers and Jordan Sams left Liberty Ballers to focus on Astros prospects, sneakers, and the gym. It was the dawn of a new age, and we brought on big names: your Gowtons, your Burtons, your F.'s, your Baumanns, your Hoffmans (RIP) (he's not dead) (he's dead to us) (love you rich). A bit later, we added two Jakes and a Sean. Then, last year, Sohil, Matt, and Kyle got the bump.

But people get busy, people move on, people are too busy sending me snapchats on Ja Rule Friday, and we have to replenish the kitty of writers so updates on the Sevens re-signing Sheep Wayns don't go unwritten about.

And so we asked you, the viewer, for submissions, and were blown away by how many of you think we're doing a shitty job and applied. They were great. You're all great. We appreciate the shit out of your applications and how much you care about this team and this blog. It's insane. If you submitted and didn't get chosen, don't be discouraged. We're probably stupid and should have picked you. Keep working, keep fine-tuning your voice and your point of view, and please apply next time we're looking for writers or start your own blog and destroy us.

We went BPA with the three men* we chose. But these guys also had their own niche, filled our own needs, and will add to what we feel makes the blog as mediocre-plus as it is. And here they are!

WESLEY SHARE -- Wes started asking us if he could write for the blog when he was a child prodigy in the blog equivalent of the AAU circuit. We had to decline because we don't scout U-16, AKA "The Pavorsky Rule". Now he's old enough, he's somehow got more experience than I do, and you all have to buy him beer.

SHAMUS CLANCY -- another dude who has scribbled all over the world wide web dot com, Shamus is a huge Francisco Elson fan and will join Jake, Roy, and Tanner on the next LB mixtape review. I'm gonna be honest, I don't actually know who this guy is, but his real name is Shamus Clancy and I'm not not gonna bring him on. (I'm lying, he's great).

MARC WHITTINGTON -- plucked straight from the LB FanPosts and his unreadably long comments, Marc leads with his angelic singing voice and finishes with his ability to convey information in an easily digestible way. If my idiot brain can digest it, surely so can you. Read his FanPost on future sixer Karl-Anthony Towns.

Follow them. Wish them well. Ask them what it's like to carry Bodner's bags to blog practice.

*UPSETTING FOOTNOTE: I say men, because no women applied. That makes me incredibly sad. I am a feminist, Liz Roscher may be my favorite blogger, and if Liz knew anything about basketball, I would blackmail her into writing for LB every day. Please, female readers of Liberty Ballers who I know exist, if you are good at writing (a necessity) and want to blog about Sixers basketball, email me. I want to hear from you. We now have 17 writers, all of them are men, and that sucks.

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