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Sixers-Cavs Preview: Why Does The Cavs' Moondog Hate the Sixers?

This is less of a preview and more of an investigation.

This is the face of something that despises the Sixers.
This is the face of something that despises the Sixers.
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Okay - so to preview this game, I went to search if LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love were all playing, because this is the type of game that the Cavaliers might choose to rest their stars during. We've been given no indication in either direction, but through checking out the schedule and the team's twitter feed for news, I found this tweet from the Cavs' mascot:

The "hated" Sixers? By whom? Howard Eskin?

The only person that might hate the Sixers more is the guy behind Franklin, the Sixers' mascot. I've been trying to think of reasons why this would be the case, so I thought for about five minutes, and based on complete speculation here are the reasons.

- Dog envy, because there's only room for one NBA dog mascot.

- That the Sixers beat a short-handed Cavs team earlier this year.

- General hatred of other, better places by Clevelanders.

- Drafting Anthony Bennett over Nerlens Noel (ha, haha, hahahaha)

- Facilitating the Kevin Love trade, because reasons.

I mean, the Sixers are a lovable bunch of ragtag fringe NBA players surrounding a center who increasingly looks like a franchise centerpiece that play hard every night and only offend people with their obscenely bad (but improving!) offense.

So I don't get the hate. I'm putting the most blame on dog-envy, though. It's super Freudian, if only because of the (dash) envy I attributed to it in writing that sentence.

Anyway, there's no reason to believe the Cavs are resting people, because they did not play yesterday and won't play again until Wednesday, so  the Cavs and their even-better-than-the-Clippers offense since the all-star break could try breaking the Sixers similar to Chris Paul on Friday. Let's root for a competitive game, and for Noel to bring the offense from Friday but sprinkle a bit more defense into it.

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