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NCAA Tournament Friday Open Thread

Welcome to Day 2 of the NCAA Tournament. May the odds that your bracket doesn't explode today be ever in your favor.

The games were so great yesterday, Ron Hunter almost tore his other Achilles.
The games were so great yesterday, Ron Hunter almost tore his other Achilles.
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Because we love you, we've put together a handy schedule of all of the collegiate basketball games today, including the times and the channels. And by "all of the collegiate basketball games today", I mean "those that are not in the NIT, CBI, or the CIT."

Because he loves us, Sean O'Connor wrote a guide about the draft prospects to watch during each of today's matchups. Print it out and keep it next to you as you watch.

Enjoy the games, kids.

Lower Seed Higher Seed Time (EDT) Channel
15 New Mexico State 2 Kansas 12:15 CBS
10 Georgia 7 Michigan State 12:40 truTV
12 Wyoming 5 Northern Iowa 1:40 TBS
12 Buffalo 5 West Virginia 2:10 TNT
10 Indiana 7 Wichita State 2:45 CBS
15 Belmont 2 Virginia 3:10 truTV
13 UC-Irvine 4 Louisville 4:10 TBS
13 Valparaiso 4 Maryland 4:40 TNT
9 Oklahoma State 8 Oregon 6:50 TBS
16 Robert Morris 1 Duke 7:10 CBS
10 Davidson 7 Iowa 7:20 TNT
14 Albany 3 Oklahoma 7:27 truTV
16 Coastal Carolina 1 Wisconsin 9:20 TBS
9 St. John's 8 San Diego State 9:40 CBS
15 North Dakota State 2 Gonzaga 9:50 TNT
11 Dayton 6 Providence 9:57 truTV

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