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Sixers Waive Andrei Kirilenko

He was always a Sixer, he was never a Sixer.

Maybe try a new haircut, Andrei.
Maybe try a new haircut, Andrei.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia's biggest baby-related crisis is finally over. Swingman Andrei Kirilenko, acquired in the hotly debated Brandon Davies trade, has been waived by the Sixers.

The 76ers broke the news via the team's official Twitter account:

It appears that it's not just Sam Hinkie who keeps quiet on team affairs -- this is usually a story broken by one of the NBA's source-report peddlers. Perhaps it's because Kirilenko's suspension had him out of sight and mind, but it feels fairly unique in the current climate to have news come from the organization itself.

This was inevitable after the deadline passed, as Kirilenko's deal no longer presents any value to the organization. Had he shown a willingness to join the team and add another body to the rotation, perhaps he would have stuck around. But his refusal to report -- for legitimate reasons or otherwise -- doomed him to this exit.

What does it mean for the Sixers? Not much, really. Because Kirilenko was suspended at the time of his release, thus not on the active roster, they will move forward as if nothing happened. If the team is interested in bringing in a tantalizing young player (*cough* THOMAS ROBINSON *cough*) on a flier for the rest of the year, they'll have to create roster space through alternative means.

Pour out a White Russian in his honor on this snowy Saturday, and bask in his accomplishments in a Sixers uniform below.

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