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NBA Trade Deadline Rumor: Sixers Potentially Involved in Kevin Garnett, Thaddeus Young Trade

Thad not back!

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The Trade Deadline is here (and the first trade just dropped, more below) and we've got our first semi-tangible rumor. With all the Kevin Garnett talk about going back to the Wolves for Thaddeus Young (who the Sixers traded for a first rounder, remember!), the Sixers have inserted themselves into the mix as a potential third team. Woj has the report.

Minnesota and Philadelphia are part of a broader possible deal, league sources said. The Nets are trying to persuade Kevin Garnett to accept a deal to the Timberwolves, bringing them back Thaddeus Young. The Sixers have interest in acquiring forward Chase Budinger from Minnesota for draft considerations. The Sixers would then buy out Budinger's deal and allow him to become a free agent.

I don't know what the makeup of this trade would be, but we at LB have been eying members of that Oklahoma City roster for years. Perry Jones, Jeremy Lamb... I mean Kendrick Perkins would net us some picks to absorb all that.

We'd also heard the Chase Budinger whispers about potentially being involved, but hadn't known if it was for a buyout or not. Woj says yes. Suppose a pick or two (or something else) would be coming our way. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Jeremy Lamb?

Also, Arron Afflalo was just traded to Portland for a package surrounding Future Sixer Thomas Robinson, Will Barton and picks.

Also, this:

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