Synergy Stats Up (MCW is awesome at defense)

So Synergy stats are back up at

Synergy it happened to me right in front of my face and I just cannot hide it

I would encourage you to head over there and take a look at some of the different possession types and see how our players are stacking up. There were some interesting takeaways.

Most importantly, MCW is an awesome defender.

Opponent scoring percentages, scoring at least 1 or more points from that attempt:

  1. Isolation 38%
  2. Post up 50%
  3. Spot up 37%
  4. Hand off 29%
  5. Off screen 30%
  6. Pick and Roll Ball Handler 32 %

My favorite stat is that last one. It accounts for nearly 41% of the play types that occur when he's on the court, and he destroys them. Not only that, but the ball handler finishing the play with a shot only accounts for 4% of the total field goals that the Sixers have given up. Think about that for a second. In a pick and roll league, MCW and his big (probably Nerlens) are only allowing the ball handler to shoot 4% of the time! That's nuts! In comparison, John Wall and Damian Lillard/their big man counterparts have twice as many possessions end in attempts by the guard in the pick and roll.

I think we can all see MCW doing a great job defending, but the numbers back it up.

One other quick note is that Nerlens' percentages in defending in specific situations is pretty pedestrian/poor but in general, someone is shooting on Noel about 8% of the time. So you would have to think that those are pretty choice shots or that the guy is taking advantage of Nerlens' lack of size (about 33% of the recorded play types are post ups). I think when Nerlens gets backed down, he tends to reach for the steal, and he allows his man to score fairly easily if he can hold onto it. But he (and the team) only allow good enough position for a legitimate post up attempt on Nerlens twice a game. So take that how you want it.

The following gif was actually a response to a question on how in sync they would be on the P&R.

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