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Which Eagles Players Would Be Good On The Sixers?

Ten-day contract for Brandon Boykin, anyone?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

While the NBA season is still very much alive, the same can't be said for the NFL. Football ended on the first of the month when the Patriots defeated the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX. The title-starved city of Boston has it rough, huh? Only a mere nine titles - and at least one in each of the major four sports - in the span of 13 years. But I guess this latest championship makes up for having to watch Evan Turner play for the C's. But I digress.

The Philadelphia Eagles' season has been over since late December since the Birds failed to qualify for the playoffs after losing three straight games in the final month. The Sixers actually managed to win more games that month with four victories. Who would have thought?

Now, you also may be wondering why we're talking about the Eagles on Sixers blog. It's simple: Liberty Ballers is no longer a Sixers blog. From here on out, both Bleeding Green Nation (which I also write for and will shameless plug here: CLICK THIS) and LB will exclusively cover the Eagles.

OK, so that's not true. The real story here is that Jake and Sean asked me to come up with a list of Eagles players that might actually be good on the Sixers. The Birds aren't up to much these days anyway, so why shouldn't Sam Hinkie offer a 10-day contract to one of the players across the street just for fun? I can say that I've seen the Sixers GM watch the Eagles warm up before games from the sideline on a number of occasions. Don't think I'm not on to you, Sam.

It's also extremely relevant that the Eagles actually have a basketball team that plays together in the off-season. The jerseys aren't too bad:

Here we go. These are the Eagles played best suited to be on the Sixers:

WR Brad Smith

Wait, who? The 31-year-old guy that plays special teams and was responsible for that opening kickoff blunder against the Cowboys? Yes. I can't say I know much about Smith's game, but I've heard from several people who work for the Eagles talk on multiple occasions about how good Smith is on the court. The Eagles keep Smith around on the roster because of his versatility. He can play all four phases of special teams: kick coverage, kick return, punt coverage, and punt return. Along with being a depth wide receiver, he also serves as the team's game day emergency quarterback since the Eagles only keep two passers active. I'm guessing Smith's versatility on the football field translates over to the hardwood. From what I can gather he's relatively well-rounded. In high school, Smith earned two All-City Offensive Player of the Year honors and an all-city selection in basketball.

CB Brandon Boykin

Boykin is on the small side at 5-10, 184 pounds but don't let that fool you; he can get UP. Check it:

There are some more dunks in this video as well (LIKE THIS PUTBACK). Boykin averaged 18 points and five assists while helping lead his high school team to a state championship.

OLB Connor Barwin

Barwin is athletic as heck (see: jacked) and an awesome dude. He played some college ball for the Cincinnati Bearcats. I'm not sure how good he actually is, though. Check out this video where he gets stuffed. I'm thinking he's a Brandon Davies type. Would be an awesome locker room guy and would try hard but just not very great. Eat your heart out, Michael Levin. Oh and I forgot to mention he even plays basketball in jorts.

QB Nick Foles

This one might surprise too. Foles is far from the most gifted athlete on the football field but he definitely has legitimate basketball skills. This isn't only what my sources tell me, but what I've been able to find online. Foles twice received team MVP honors in high school and was recruited for basketball by Georgetown, Baylor, and Texas. The Eagles QB lettered in basketball for three years averaging 15 points and 11 rebounds. He led his entire district in rebounding as a sophomore. Then there's this interesting note from an actual NFL scouting report on Foles: "Several people said he could start for the hoops team at Arizona. Beats their players in pickup games all the time." So how about that? And did you know he can dunk? Plus check out this shooting range. Lastly, and more important than anything, he just wins.

QB G.J. Kinne

He's the best athlete in the history of the universe. Spike Eskin will back me up on this one.

OT Dennis Kelly

Backup Eagles offensive lineman Dennis Kelly doesn't play on the basketball team and I'm not sure if he'd actually be any good, but it's at least worth noting he's the tallest player on the roster at 6-8.

OT Lane Johnson

This is an intriguing one. Lane is huge at 6-6, 317. But he's also crazy athletic for his size.

I'm thinking he can be a monster on the boards, but his ability to run the floor so well for a big guy is what really intrigues me.

OT Jason Peters

Nobody messes with The Franchise.

NT Bennie Logan

Bennie is awesome and this is the closest we'll ever get to Rick Ross playing basketball.

RB LeSean McCoy

If Shady can break ankles on the court like he does on the field, look out.


Plus he's CLUTCH.


So if the Sixers could only pick one player for a 10-day contract, I'd have to go with Boykin. At the very least he'd be good for some fun dunks.

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