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Down to Delaware, Carl Landry and Christian Wood assigned to the 87ers.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Process talks with this message!

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While most eyes and ears are fixated on the recent Sixers front office shake up, earlier today the team quietly made two roster moves... which technically means they are the first two of the Colangelo Era! No, the Sixers haven't jettisoned half the roster nor have they have they made wholesale changes....yet. But, the team may be getting some help from the veteran presence standpoint sooner than later.

While still on the Kings, Carl Landry underwent wrist surgery was given a 4-5 month timetable back in June. He found his way to the Sixers in a trade/salary dump this off season and was a pretty forgotten man considering all that has happened since. In a team lacking in the experience department, Landry represented the lone veteran and elder of the roster.

Despite outward appearances, GM Sam Hinkie recently made it a point to mention Landry's influence and guidance on the team behind the scenes. Unfortunately, how much of that has translated has gotten lost with the turmoil that the team has been through on and off the court. Thankfully, this news may help. Much like Kendall Marshall and Tony Wroten, Landry is probably close to being back on the court and will benefit from the additional work and reps down in Delaware (instead of traveling with the team, etc).

Christian Wood, on the other hand, is probably going to stay down in Delaware, where he probably should have been in the first place. It's been a rough couple weeks for Wood. The checkered history has been called into question again as his name was also mentioned in the situation that transpired with Jahlil Okafor in Boston. At the same time, Wood hasn't been able to find his way off the bench... which is alarming considering the team he's on.

To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if Wood doesn't return to the team considering how far his development is and some of the recent comments by the incoming Jerry Colangelo. However, one thing is for sure, he has a long way to go.

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