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Jerry Colangelo is a Sixer. EMERGENCY RICKY.


love this dude
love this dude
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Sixers forced our hand. After not doing an Emergency Ricky post-Lakers win, The Rights To Ricky Sanchez crew fired up the headset and did the damn thing.

Okay, so Jerry Colangelo is a member of the Philadelphia 76ers organization. There have been a ton of takes -- and a 50-point loss to the Spurs -- since the news broke this afternoon. Reports of NBA Commissioner Adam Silver forcing the hand of Sixers majority owner Josh Harris into hiring the 76-year-old Colangelo have surfaced. Those have been countered with news from the horses' mouths that Brett Brown is talking about a contract extension. Anti-Process folks have celebrated the supposed demise of Sam Hinkie, but Sam Hinkie has sat in front of real-life media members and cameras and microphones and told them how good this is for the organization.

And I agree. At the very least, this is good PR for a team that desperately needs it. At most, the Sixers have added one of the most influential and beloved executives in the NBA to attract talent and take some of the heat off Sam Hinkie. What this means for Hinkie's job, who can say? I say a bunch of things in the podcast but I don't really know if I finished a complete thought. But adding a person of Colangelo's caliber to the organization to me is only good for the organization. If Hinkie isn't around for the parade, that's how it goes, but I think this ups the odds that a parade will happen here eventually.

Things could get ugly down the road, but that could've happened anyway. I can't see this as anything but a good thing.

Listen to the Ricky below. We'll have so so so much more about this in the coming days.


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