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Second Jahlil Okafor Fight Video Surfaces

There's no such thing as a positive 24-hour news cycle with the Sixers.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Killing all of the good will stemming from the 76ers' first win of the season comes a second TMZ-reported video of Jahlil Okafor fighting outside of a Boston club last Wednesday. The first video that popped up on Thanksgiving last week was more brief, not showing the full conflict, though it was clear that Okafor did indeed swing at and connect with a man outside the club.

This video, while it's possible it could be another vantage point or a longer video take on that initial fight, appears to be a second fight involving Okafor from that evening (I'm not on CSI: Boston, but I can try). As Okafor is walking towards his car, he's again chirping with some people outside of the club, as one man in his group tells him, "C'mon, Jahlil. You don't need that." As f-bombs fly back and forth between Jahlil's party and the other group, Okafor says, "We got money, you broke ass n***a," and does the Johnny Football money dance with his hands.

As the two parties fight, someone shouts, "You're disrespecting one of the best players in the NBA!" (lol) and then there's a glimpse of the man Okafor popped, head bleeding on the street, as seen in the embedded tweet below:

Okafor may have gotten lucky when neither the league nor the Sixers themselves suspended him for any amount of games last week after the first video was posted, but at least one of those two needs to take action now. Even though this is the same night and maybe even the same fight as before, this is a much more brutal portrait of Okafor than seen in last week's video that paints Okafor in a worse light.

Charges should be filed against Okafor. A suspension should be coming for Okafor. And at least one of, if not both of, Joshua Harris and Sam Hinkie need to address this. I can understand, though I don't fully like, Hinkie throwing Brett Brown to the wolves when it comes to draft, free agency and trade talk, but this is a matter that doesn't come with some sort of competitive advantage by remaining silent. While Okafor has his critics as a prospect, myself included, he's the 19-year-old presumed future franchise player in this situation. The Sixers need to make more than a PR statement.

Anyone want to debate The Process instead?

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