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Sixers 2013-15: A Lesson In Not Watching All The Games

Rest The Process

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If you can watch these Sixers without punching a hole in your significant other, bless your sweet heart. The 1-and-foreverness of this team, marked by the opposition seemingly always playing with one more player than legally allowed, has driven me to bow-throwing frustration. So I listened to some advice from my past and didn't watch all the games:

1.) Do not watch every game. I'm begging you. 82 games. 48 minutes per game. 3,936 minutes of game action. About 14,760 minutes if you include stoppages and commercials and Zumoffing. You can't take all that. Don't watch every game. We'll tell you what you missed. It won't be much.

- "How To Watch These Sixers For A Full Year And Not Die", October 2013

We're now in the third year of that. Now almost 10,000 minutes of game action, and over 30,000 minutes of the game experience. Life's too short to watch every Sixers game. I took a week off. I feel tremendous. I saw the Vines of Richaun Holmes's dunks. I missed every single one of the failed close-outs. Do yourself a favor and give yourself a break from time to time. Now I'm refreshed and ready for Process Talk.

But closing your eyes to the world doesn't make it stop turning, and on this week's Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast, we have more Sixersing to get to. The Mike D'Antoni hiring, the Kendall Marshall-Tony Wroten minutes restriction, and why Nerlens Noel looks like he has less bounce than last year.

ALSO -- big announcement here -- we're having a RTRS night at the Sixers in addition to the bus trip to Brooklyn. It's Friday February 26th at home against the Washington Wizards. We’re already about 150 strong. And it’s been such a success, that the Sixers have opened up more tickets for us. Tickets will only be on sale until January 23rd. But MOST IMPORTANTLY: If you buy tickets, you’ll be registered to come play basketball for 90 minutes on the court at the Wells Fargo Center. A RTRS basketball game. We’ll select 25 winners from everyone who buys tickets. Gonna be awesome. Start brainstorming chants.


OK. Win a game please, Sixers. Bye now.

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