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Brett Brown Signs Two-Year Extension To Stay With Sixers


Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Coaching a losing basketball team, as I learned in 2003 while coaching a group of shoot-first, miss-first 8 year olds at Southampton Summer Day Camp, is frustrating. Three years of it is enough to send you on a backpacking summer in Bali to find yourself. But not for Sixers coach Brett Brown, who wants more.

Brett -- despite some recent criticisms of his late-game lineup decisioCANAAN CANAAN CANAAN -- has been beloved and untouchable since he arrived in Philadelphia (so late into the offseason! remember! god!) back in the summer of 2013. There have been loud cries expressing sympathy for Brown over these last three years, and those are unlikely to stop until the Sixers field a less-bad team. But it's clear that Brett Brown wants to stay in Philadelphia -- he would never get a head coaching job elsewhere with this record -- and will be rewarded handsomely for putting in the time. Six years of job stability is far from the norm in head coaching today.

Stability is the important word there, as the Sixers get to hold onto a coach who is well-liked and adept at developing talent. That the Sixers have yet to finish with the worst record in the NBA since Sam Hinkie took over is predominantly due to Brett. He hasn't been our Byron Scott for ping pong balls, but I'm glad he's here and it's a good look for an organization that has been in public disarray for either a few months or since Josh Harris bought the team, depending on your point of view.

The press conference with Sam Hinkie and Brett Brown will be at 5PM. Treasure this bit of good news and good PR. Those are few and far between. Here's the Rights To Ricky Sanchez episode that Brett Brown was a guest on. Give it a listen.

Now go ahead and speculate on why Jerry Colangelo isn't there if he's Hinkie's new puppetmaster.

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