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The Beauty of TJ McConnell and a Derrick Rose Trade

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a very sweet 0-5

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A brand new Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast for our 0-5 Sixers. It's been a better second week of the season, with three close losses and improved ball movement from Brett Brown's office, thanks in large part to the increased role of undrafted University of Arizona point guard T.J. McConnell. But, alas, we are still Sixers, we are still losses.

And with Derrick Rose still not the player he was before his ACL exploded, news comes that he and the Chicago Bulls are displeased with each other. Nothing sounds the Hinkie Alarm more than a sour superstar and the words "change of scenery", so people speculated about a Rose-Sixers trade. I don't hate it as much as it seems like many of you do, but with one year on his (hefty) contract, it would have to be for a measured price. Which is why I don't think a trade will happen at all -- the value and perceived value are all bigger for Chicago than they'd be for any other trade partner.

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