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Sixers, Tony Wroten Unable To Agree To Contract Extension

Monday's deadline passed without a new deal for the currently-injured guard.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

As initially reported by Philly Mag's Derek Bodner and confirmed by inaction since last night's deadline, the 76ers and Tony Wroten did not agree to a long-term contract extension by last night's deadline.

The move makes sense from both sides. The Sixers are dedicated to not committing money to non-core players, while Wroten would have to take a discount as of now to account for his recovery from a torn ACL. Those conflicting interests drove the decision in both directions.

As a result, Wroten will be a restricted free agent this summer, with a $3.2M qualifying offer, according to Basketball Insiders. Provided he returns healthy and stays with the team, the Sixers will extend that offer and negotiate a potential contract at that point.

Given the team's lack of point guard production, outside 23 minutes of T.J. McConnell greatness on Monday in Cleveland, Wroten should have every opportunity to play and rebuild his value.

Wroten's stint as starting point guard and primary sixth man last season had mixed results, though it coincided with the team's worst stretch of basketball during the season and largely before the full emergency of Robert Covington and rapid improvement of Nerlens Noel. The team around Wroten vastly changed - could he have as well? Wroten's three point shooting and general carelessness with the basketball are holding him back from being a good NBA player right now. A year off hopefully gives him the knowledge to rein in the poor plays.

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