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Robert Covington Re-Injures Knee During Practice

Covington returned from injury Monday night.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

One day after Robert Covington returned from a knee sprain - once feared as much worse - against the Cavaliers, he re-injured himself during practice.

The 76ers haven't provided an update on the injury, which we should find out more about tomorrow. The hope here is that the injury is more of a tweak and less of potential damage to Covington's knee. Here's hoping the sprain did not worsen or (gulp) evolve into a full-out tear.

Covington returned well ahead of the maximum three weeks that his reported one-three week timeline dictated, a surprise to those that follow the team. The Sixers typically are considered overly cautious when treating injuries and prefer all of their players only play at 100%. Covington struggled in his return, missing each of his three point attempts.

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