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76ers-Grizzlies Preview/Game Thread: Where it stops? Nobody Knows!

Win... please?

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

When it rains, it pours monsoons. Unfortunately, despite the historical losing streak and the Jahlil Okafor media maelstrom, there is little room for reprieve.

As the 76ers come towards the finish of their road trip, they look to finally get over the hump and secure their first win of the season against the Memphis Grizzlies. It's been a tough stretch as, despite playing in some close games, the Sixers keep coming up short in late moments.

As the endless and repetitive (Read: head-to-desk inducing) debates ensue over whatever you deem "The Process" may be, the team is still trying to figure out how to win. Whether it be scoring droughts or excessive turnovers, it appears as though the team picks the worst times to show their youth and inexperience.

Nonetheless, the better play of late is something to be optimistic about. Robert Covington, much like last season, put on his Super Man cape and has really changed how the team looks and operates. The team sorely lacks two-way players and players who can create some offense. Lord Cov is the closest thing to either of those things, and is looking more like a core type of player moving forward for this young team.

Memphis, on the other hand, is the veteran-est veteran team there could be. A perennial Western Conference dark horse and contender, the Grizzlies seem to be in the deep in the thick of it once again early in the season. As the team slowly starts heading into its twilight, could this be their last year to compete? (which is unfortunate since Golden State doesn't feel like losing ever again)

Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol represent the core of that team and, for some fans, serve as a blueprint for how the Sixers could build around two big men. Of course, I'd pump the brakes a bit considering the skill sets are pretty different between Gasol-Okafor and Randolph-Noel. Plus, I'd argue Mike Conley is the engine that makes the rest of that team go. But, if someone is looking for a style of play the Sixers should emulate with the roster constructed as is (sans a PG), the grinding style of Memphis could work? (this requires defense, of course)

I'm not really sure where rock bottom is as far as the Sixers go...or maybe we're already here and we're searching for a way out? Either way, we're all here together.

Pre-Game Notables:

  • No Nerlens Noel tonight as he recovers from flu like symptoms and continues to rest his injured knee
  • Zack Randolph will be playing tonight, dealing with his own knee issues.

This Preview will double as a Game Thread, so follow along in the comments!

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