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Sixers-Rockets Preview: Bleak Friday

Things could be better in Philadelphia, but they could also be...well, comparably bad.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a pretty rough couple days weeks months years decades generations for Philadelphia sports fans. The Eagles got pasted on Thanksgiving. The Phillies were the worst team in baseball. The Flyers are their classic sub-mediocre selves.The Sixers are...well, they're the Sixers, a class unto themselves.

ESPN posted this handy graphic yesterday, so view it, and then feel free to set your computer or other mobile device on fire.

Dark, right? At this point, it's probably a more appealing proposition to fight off a gaggle of elderly women for a flat screen television than to watch a Philadelphia sporting event.

Fortunately, today you'll have the opportunity to do both, although if you were in line for the television, maybe you might want to sit the next few plays out while you nurse yourself back to health. The flat screen probably can't handle the obscene imagery that is the Sixers half-court offense right out of the box.

Much like there's not one catch-all way to build a championship team, there's not one universal way to handle a string of repeated failures. Everybody has their own way. Some will choose not to watch, while others will subject themselves to every gruesome minute.

The one thing Sixers fans do have going for them is the comically low expectations most Sixers fans had coming into this season. Even those who were aiming high were picking them to win 30 games, which isn't exactly the loftiest goal.

The same can not be said however for tonight's opponent, the Houston Rockets. I'll admit it, I thought Houston was going to have a phenomenal year. I thought they'd start the year healthy, and that the addition of Ty Lawson, a legitimately good NBA point guard before entering the state of Texas, would make the Rockets a juggernaut in the Western Conference, possibly even a contender for the top seed in the conference. (I know, I know, October was a long time ago, cut me some slack.)

That, of course, has not happened. The Rockets enter tonight 5-10, the 5th worst record in the league. They fired head coach Kevin McHale, better known as the man who gift-wrapped the Celtics a championship in 2007, less than a month into the season. Their best player, James Harden, is cursed and as proof of the curse's legitimacy, now dates a Kardashian. Statistically, Ty Lawson would be the 6th best point guard on the 76ers this year, and the Sixers only have three point guards that have played in a game.

Things could be going better. So tonight, two of the NBA's five worst teams collide. One team is a total mess and the other is a collection of spare parts that doesn't seem to have any clue how to play together. You can decide which is which.

Gametime is 8PM on CSNPhilly. Could tonight be the night? Tune in to find out!

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