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The Sixers Are Still Very, Very Bad At This


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We ache for a win on this week's Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast. It's the first time since the Joel Embiid re-injury news broke this past summer that there has been a rift in the United Process Front. Spike and I take a big picture look at the whole damn thing and see if we can come to some kind of catharsis after that dogshit Pacers game and an 0-12 start.

It's a mostly somber affair on this one, so don't expect puppy dogs and ice cream, but I think the Ricky got to a place where it's like -- this one game happened, things are ugly but not hopeless, but we're now at a time when listless play is inexcusable. From Sam to Brett to the players, everything is such a tightrope walk to get us to give a crap, that you're gonna need to come out every night and prove that you are worthy of our time. We have other shit to do. I could be learning how to surf. But I'm not. I'm watching the Sixers. Don't make me hate myself, Sixers.

And please read Marc Whittington on the Sixers lineups with Jahlil and Nerlens. It's good. Consider how early it is before you jump to big conclusions about whether this will or won't work. And his points about shooters needing to make shots is important. That is their job, and it's making other people's jobs much harder when they're not doing that. Hollis will shoot 40 from his grave -- everybody else, time to step up.

Ricky below. Hit us up in the comments. Win tonight.

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